What happens during the appraisal?

Valuating a medical practice requires experience and a extensive knowledge of the processes involved. Doctors Valuation makes a promise to their clients to provide them with a thorough analysis of their medical practice that gives them an accurate portrayal of the practice's current financial health and value, as well as future income projections.

There are five steps that we follow in the valuation process:
  • We determine our clients needs. To develop an accurate valuation that fits the scope of the situation at hand. We take into account the function of the valuation, the standard of value that will be applied. An accurate description of the property and the effective date of the valuation.
  • We gather all the facts. This step requires us to gather internal and external information. This may include all financial information for the past 5 years, including year-end financial statements, interim financial information, prior stock sales and federal tax returns for the past five years. We will also include details on any products and services that are offered, owner information, customer information, a competitive analysis and more.
  • We analyze all of the information provided. We will take into account all of the financial data that we gathered and use this information to practice's strengths and weaknesses compared tp other similar businesses. We also normalize the financial statements to reflect any non-recurring or personal items which helps us to develop a forecast of future earnings.
  • To determine the final value we apply Income. Market and Asset approaches.
  • We create the final Valuation Report. The time this takes and the content depends largely on the specific situation that the report is being developed for. Often only a summary of the findings is needed but if litigation is involved, or expected, than the valuation must include all data and the valuation techniques involved to back the validity of the conclusions.

Doctors Valuation offers experience and a stellar reputation to our clients. We understand that the valuation of a medical practice requires precise application of proven methods to arrive at an accurate.

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