The Benefits of Our Appraisals

During the course of business there are many instances where you may need to have a comprehensive valuation of your business performed. Situations may arise such as bringing in a new partner, divorce, expansion as well as the sale of the business that will require you to have an analysis on hand of the business' current value and projected income. With a thorough valuation analysis of your medical practice you will have in hand information that can help guide decisions.

Doctors Valuation evaluates many factors to provide you with a valuation that is unique to the needs of your practice and situation. A complete valuation is both a science and an art. Our experienced valuators compile all available figures that attest to the practice's overall financial status and then they also include in their report estimations of future growth of the practice and the industry by studying trends in the marketplace. Once the information is gathered and analyzed a detailed report is developed that will fit the needs of the client. There are three key concepts that are used in the valuation of a medical practice, Income, Market and Assets.


This approach determines the value of the medical practice analyzing future economic benefits into a single present amount.


With this approach similar businesses are analyzed and compared taking into account ownership interests, securities and intangible assets.


Also called the cost method, the asset approach is determined by valuing the assets net the liabilities of the practice.

During a full valuation all three concepts are applied to determine the current value of the medical practice. Keep in mind, that depending on the circumstance you may not need as complete of a valuation.

You can be sure that with Doctors Valuation that we provide you with the most accurate and comprehensive Valuation that will help you with your business decisions, tailored to your needs

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